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I suppose they must think that Americans consider them quite daft for still having a monarchy.

The usual pejorative they employ for dismissing the royals is “parasites.” This is hardly fair, considering that royals like the Queen and Prince Phillip and their four children spend almost the entirety of their lives working for the state and for charity.

1,916 words I’ve written before about my peculiar love for the British Royal Family.

But I’m now officially out of love, and even tending toward republicanism.

We might console ourselves by saying that Harry doesn’t matter much.

At the moment, whatever half-breed child he produces will be sixth in line to the throne.

Everything after this flop starts to define you instead, and you can't recapture or recreate the success of the works that made you famous in the first place.The final straw, of course, is the recent announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to the mulattress Meghan Markle.Let’s sum up the problems: (1) She’s half black, (2) She’s American, (3) She’s divorced, (4) She’s an actress (which, to the Queen Mother’s generation basically meant the same thing as (for only one episode, but that’s enough), (6) she’s not that pretty, and (7) to top it off, she’s three years older than Harry. Well, at least there’s one slim silver lining in this half-black cloud. Only the more questionable rags are reporting this, so there may be nothing in it.It is not necessarily permanent; even if it is, there could still be a partial comeback. This can sometimes be caused by a combination of Mis-blamed and hubris.The original good productions were a team effort, but one guy took all the credit and was recognized as the sole genius behind the work.

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