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A review of the book is available on the Poz website at .

Both Korber's and Vandamme's analyses find that argument of origin to be a very low probability event, hence quite unlikely.

Each of the five clades differs from each other by as much as 35%.

In the September 1, 1998 issue of Nature Medicine, F.

They have documented nine cases in which chimpanzees, sooty mangabeys, and a mandrill passed SIV to humans.As the number of (captive) chimps analyzed has increased the width of the confidence interval has decreased.In the January 18, 2002 issue of Science, Hahn and Shaw reported the first chimp in the wild detected to have an SIV infection. Anne-Mieke Vandamme of the Rega Institute in Belgium headed a group dating the virus using other techniques and concluded that a transfer from animals to humans occurred around 1675 with a confidence interval of between 15.All retroviruses contain the genes gag (codes for internal structural proteins and capsid proteins using about 2000 base pairs), pol (codes for the three enzymes necessary for replication using about 2900 bp), and env (codes for the surface proteins gp120 and gp41 that protrude from the lipid envelope and attach to cellular receptors using about 1800 bp).Other genes within HIV are tat (The term gp# stands for glycoprotein of molecular weight # kilo Daltons.

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