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The 117-page report, prepared three months after the incident largely vindicates the plane’s crew for their attempts to destroy the signals intelligence and cryptographic material on board before its emergency landing and criticises the lack of institutional preparation for such an incident.

Revealed documents: EP-3E Collision: Cryptologic Damage Assessment and Incident Review Related article: Burn After Reading: Snowden Documents Reveal Scope of Secrets Exposed to China in 2001 Spy Plane Incident, by Kim Zetter, 10 April 2017 in the , on Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, suggests that in 2005 the agency identified an attack on Politkovskaya’s email account “depplying malicious malware which is not in the public domain.” The NSA concluded that Russia’s FSB was “probably” responsible. Revealed document: Anna Politkovskaya Related article: Top-Secret Snowden Document Reveals what the NSA Knew about Previous Russian Hacking, by Sam Biddle, 29 December 2016 in the A GCHQ presentation from 2012 discusses the Southwinds system, which intercepts mobile phone activity from commercial aircraft at cruising altitude.

The company supplies equipment that allows telecoms providers to make their systems “intercept capable” and analysis of previously-released documents from the Snowden archive suggests that Endace-supplied equipment played a critical role in enabling the agency to dramatically expand its surveillance of undersea cables between 20.

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SECONDDATE, which intercepts web requests and redirects them to an NSA server, is part of the system codenamed TURBINE.

That, and the NSA server (FOXACID) has been described in previously published documents from the Snowden archive.

Operatives were even infected with commercial malware.

These errors allowed CSEC to attribute MAKERS MARK attacks to Russia.

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