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It was an important station on the pilgrim route to the Holy Land. The Bull included the rights of nobles and the duties of the king, and the Constitution of Hungary was based on it until 1848. During the Mongol Invasion of Hungary (1241–1242), the invaders could not get close to the castle: Kadan ruled Mongol warriors could not get through the surrounding marshes because of flooding caused by melting snow.In the 13th–15th centuries, the town prospered, and several palaces were built.

The city began to prosper again only in the 18th century.(Today, the town is a junction of seven railroad lines.) Grand Prince Géza of the Árpád dynasty, was the nominal overlord of all seven Magyar tribes but in reality ruled only part of the united territory.He aimed to integrate Hungary into Christian Western Europe by rebuilding the state according to the Western political and social models.43 kings were crowned in Székesfehérvár (the last one in 1526) and 15 kings were buried here (the last one in 1540).In the 12th century, the town prospered, churches, monasteries, and houses were built.

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