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I would advise anyone who is interested in testing or buying it not to be fooled in considering it to be just another indifferent floral perfume. I love Guerlain for quality, but this is not my favourite.

It's an inoffensive floral beginning (I get lily of the valley at first) that fades into roses a freesia and then has a very powdery end.

Like I said, it's very versatile, and it is really noble to my nose... Jasmine here is GORGEOUSLY placed in the middle notes...

Together with Bulgari Jasmin Noir this is a perfume that shows how beautiful a Jasmine note can be...

I love Guerlain and floral fragrances, but something about lily of the valley makes me feel sad when I smell it. It's not a bad perfume by any means, but sometimes smells cross over to emotional sensations, and in this case, Idylle's prominent lily of the valley just depresses me.This is a scent of moderate sillage and great longevity, that posseses a secret power: it can really create a romantic atmoshphere, as its title suggests.By this I mean that this scent does not boast its presence seeming harmless.I can see the NR for Her reference but that one never worked for me-too much orange blossom and I found it headache inducing- in any concentration. Lasts about 4-5 hours on me, which is plenty since it's pretty linear.All-in-all, I think Idylle is just plain pretty, with a Spring-like optimism but still displaying warmth and could have come from any house.

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