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Although I don't mind you'd follow my instagram (since it isn't private, not for me anyways) That sounds nice..

its nice to spend your birthday with your friends, are they highschool friends of neighbor perhaps?

Quanto Cobrar Por Um Site Simples Quanto......cobrar..........simples,........igreja......dever....conter....informativos,....e......programao....apenas......formulario......contato?


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I guess I'll get used to all these hecticness soon..(I really missed my highschool friends its been 3 years since my last reunion with them, some of them has returned to my hometown, but most of them worked elsewhere in Indonesia, while I'm..still stuck here) :-) this batch contains everything I've done that still needs delivering minus editions where the templates/finished cards were left in my computer hard drive - using laptop atm my recent cards are pretty basic since the gfx tools I use are in the hard drive as well some cards were remade since I was in a hurry the first time around[PNCH]100 LE [SCS]Lolita SE [LCWS]Braids LE [SCS]Owari no Seraph LE [LCWS]Aoba Seragaki RE [LCWS]Hyakuya Yuuichirou SE [SCS]Eye Colors Edition - Blue [LCWS]Monochrome LE [LCWS]Hetalia LE [LCWS]Blue Hair SE [LCWS]Shokugeki no Souma LE [SCS]Eyes Color Edition - Red (part 2) [NC]Charlotte SE [PNCH]Noragami LE [PNCH]D.ASEAN members are (10 states); Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, and 1 observer Papua New Guinea (still unsure to join..well PNG is getting a LOT more benefits aligning itself with Australia) Haha.. yeah well, I guess they can learn some exclamations like in Japanese :-9 Its been over 2 centuries since western medicine arrived in Indonesia during the Dutch Colonial era..

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