Updating customer information form

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If having full control over the look and feel of the form is more your style, you could use and Elements to handle this instead.

To get started, create a new PHP file called and add the Checkout form below: attribute isn’t set, which prevents an amount from being presented in Checkout. As written, the customer also has to enter their email address again here, which is a bit suboptimal, so a better solution is explained at the end of this recipe.

In this case, our Customer Service Representatives will provide you with an estimated completion date.

Dear Customers, We would like you to update your information promptly through any of our branches.

Next, you need some server-side code to update the customer’s card in Stripe, so create a script called update_

This script will handle receiving the token that’s submitted to your server, and will use that token to update the object.

Inaccurate customer data can affect the security of your water licence or result in delays/difficulties when transferring water allocations between licence holders.

It is the responsibility of water licence holders to ensure that the customer data (e.g.

Customer information update form - Sinhala Customer information update form - Tamil *Forms are strictly for reference purpose only..

This article assumes that you’re already using Stripe within your app to create customers and charges, so you’ll want to be sure you load the Stripe library and authenticate using your API key as a first step in your update_file.

After authenticating, add the following code to your update_script to obtain the token that was submitted and update the Find other Checkout configuration options in the docs.

I also certify that I am an authorized agent and allowed to execute this customer update form.

Updating your information An easy to use contact information update form is now available at all our branches.

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