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In other words, use 2016 tax information to complete the 2018-19 form.

You should talk to the financial aid office of the schools where your child has applied to let them know of any significant change in income since the FAFSA was submitted.

Different types of financial aid have different eligibility criteria. citizen or eligible noncitizen qualifies for federal student loans.

Generally, most grants are need-based and most scholarships are merit-based. » Learn more: How Colleges Award Financial Aid — and How to Estimate Yours Last year, the Department of Education began opening the FAFSA earlier, in October instead of January.

Don’t change other information that was correct at the time you filed your FAFSA.

For example, do not change your answer for household size or for number in college unless your answer was incorrect as of the date your FAFSA was originally signed.

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