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Alec apologizes, but Naomi insists on telling Max, unaware that Alec had planted the kiss to blackmail her.

Meanwhile, Annie thinks that Riley (guest-star Riley Smith) is too hard on Dixon, but Riley insists that Dixon needs to change his attitude in order to accelerate his recovery.

Liam is forced to put The Offshore up for sale in order to pay off Vanessa and buy out her 0,000 interest in Liam's movie contract.

Naomi is finally moving on and we couldn't think of a hotter stud! Naomi & Annie are called into guidance counselor Kelly's office to talk about their new half-brother. Druggie drama queen Adrianna pops up at Navid's HUGE mansion and meets his entire family. Way too pretty for you," his little sister comments. Grams Wilson opens the karaoke festivities at Annie's Sweet 16 with Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"! Naomi gets the ultimate payback by hooking up with Annie's ex in her BEDROOM! In the film, Lily (Dakota Fanning) runs away from her emotionally withdrawn father with her maid and only friend, Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson). Harry (Rob Estes) asks him to take a paternity test, and he eventually skips town with Naomi's mom's money! "Believe me when the topic is money, liquor always helps!

It's a new and different time for them, as the stakes are much higher and there is a lot more to lose.

Coming from a world of glamour and privilege, with endless possibilities in front of them, anything can happen.

" an envious Kellie asks Brenda of her going to the fashion show with the lit teacher. Brenda tells the hot lit teacher that he "dodged a bullet" by not dating Kellie, who ends up leaving to visit Dylan. And then he's all into her at the fashion show and gives her a ride home. Naomi, who's sick over her parents' fake marriage, and Ethan (Dustin Milligan), who wants Annie, who decides to be single, and Ty (Adam Gregory), who wants to bone Annie--all decide to be just friends! "You're the first brotha to play varsity lacrosse at West Beverly," the smitten hottie from the block tells Dixon. " Naomi says of Annie's outburst..."Enjoy my sloppy seconds! He then dares her to kiss the mascot Walter the Wildcat, who turns out to be Annie! Half-brother Sean is up to no good..the end of the episode he makes a sketchy phone call that eludes to his scheming! "How do you know Naomi didn't see [me kissing Ethan]? " Grams Wilson (Jessica Walter) says of the wet return of Annie's Kansas boyfriend Jason on Naomi's accord!

"Annie, we're together, so together, like siamese twins," Ethan says. "Annie's a whore, who went out with my boyfriend behind my back when I asked her not to," Naomi says of her feelings towards Annie. "Ladies, I don't want you to waste your lives fighting over guys," Kelly advises Annie & Naomi of the importance of girlfriends, right before hearing that Brenda slept with hot lit teacher Ryan. They find solace in the fiercely independent South Carolina home of the Boatwright Sisters (Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys & Sophie Okonedo), who are beekeepers. He warns Dixon (Tristan Wilds) that he doesn't want to be third wheel to him and Silver (Jessica Stroup).

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