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Tell me more specificly what are the side effects you see and I'll get back to you. As others have said, both seizures and seizure medicines often may affect school performance.

I am going into high school next year to and I hope your son does will. I'm hoping someone has information about how Trileptal affected them when they were first put on it.Work with your doctor to make sure that your son is taking an appropriate dose, and then work with the school as necessary.I suggest that you type "school" into the Search box on the homepage and read a number of the pages on helping children do well with epilepsy.A year ago my wife died from a seizure disorder, she was an epileptic and also bipolar, she started seeing a new psychiatrist a year before she died, the doctor said that she would treat her epilepsy and bipolar. After she died I started googling sites acquiring information, discovered that the maximum dose for Effexor XR recommended by the manufacturer is 250 mgs.Wife took 900 mgs of Trileptal and several antidepressants, 600 mgs. and Remeron's maximum dose is 30 mgs., also discovered that both are proconvulsant in overdose.

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