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From the 1890s onwards the 'Post Office' stamps also seized the imagination of fiction writers, including such 'gems' as Billy Bunter and the Blue Mauritius in the 1950s and an episode of the TV series The Avengers.

It was also through searching Google online that I discovered Vikram Chand's passion for the stamps of Mauritius, and the Chand A and Z Research Fund for Classic Philately administered by the British Library.

She couldn’t understand, why these young men and women weren’t reluctant and against the idea of them being married off to a complete stranger that their parents picked.

In America we are not used to the term arranged marriage.

In Indian culture arranged marriages have been the norm for many centuries and almost all marriages are arranged.

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The phrase 'Blue Mauritius' came to mean something rare, the rarity sometimes due to an error. Fish, flowers, a shade of marine paint, a BMW model, even a blue potato - all have been named in honour of the two pence 'Blue Mauritius'.Originally published in Philately From Australia, vol.56, no.2, June 2004, pp.26-30. I first encountered the story of the famous 'Post Office' stamps of Mauritius on a visit to that island in January 2000, in the little postal museum, down by the harbour of Port Louis, Mauritius's capital.The heat and humidity of a tropical summer day had taken its toll and my husband and I were too tired to study the wall of thematically arranged stamps. An art historian and archivist by training and profession, I was intrigued by the story of the French schoolboy who, in 1902 after reading of the stamps' rarity and value, astutely searched through the archived correspondence of his father's old wine importing firm in Bordeaux, knowing they had done business with Mauritius back in the 1840s.Every society has its method on how we choose a spouse.The Indians have arranged marriages, the Chinese have online dating websites, and the Americans have social gatherings.

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