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You can add forceprofile=true to the URL to see details (using the browser's "view source" tool).

This also leads to more deadlocks on preferences changes done via the API.

--AKlapper (WMF) (Question for Tuvalkin: What happens if you try clicking the same link again? I've found that it only happens the first time I get auto-logged-in, and after that the link works fine.

Meanwhile I had the same problem when accessing a couple other random projects, such as one of the Wikisources (I forgot which): I click a link to a specific page and I end up in that project’s Abuse Filter page.

I failed to find an example myself, trying stuff like Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg#globalusage seems too not use this gadget? — Sorry I went mute on you about this, and thanks for all the feedback.

If this is happening to you repeatedly with the same page on the same wiki, then this bug is even more serious than we thought.

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You can trigger the same hook that happens for prefs/Api Options by calling Gadget Hooks::get Preferences() in (this is were I first profiled).It would be nice if anyone was interested in taking a crack at this.Aaron Schulz (So to translate this into a language that I do understand: Special: Preferences is not stored in the parser output cache.Removing files from Category: Uploaded via Campaign:dk doesn't seem to be a part of the scope for that category.--heb For anyone familiar with how this template works: I noticed that the slowness of this template is causing Special: Preferences to take a long time to load.

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