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A complete study of the world of the Paleontologist, this series of 15 programs on 5 DVD's reviews the latest discoveries and explores what they mean. Go to the digs and the labs to visit the world as it once was. An alternate name is Pan-Aves, or "all birds", in reference to its definition containing all animals, living or extinct, which are more closely related to birds than to crocodiles.Members of this group include the Dinosauromorpha, Pterosauromorpha, the genus Scleromochlus, and Aphanosauria.The tracks show that the dinosaur lineage appeared soon after the Permian–Triassic extinction event.Their age suggests that the rise of dinosaurs was slow and drawn out across much of the Triassic.Dinosauromorpha contains more basal forms, including Lagerpeton and Marasuchus, as well as more derived forms, including dinosaurs.Birds, according to most modern scientists, belong to the latter as members of the theropods.

The oldest Polish footprints are classified in the ichnogenus Prorotodactylus and were made by an unknown small quadrupedal animal, but footprints called Sphingopus, found from Early Anisian strata, show that moderately large bipedal dinosauromorphs had appeared by 246 Ma. I will not wait for anything from then, not anymore. I purchased the set and I have other videos on my pc, so I have nearly the complete collection. It's a shame that these guys won't release the whole thing, but just giving a taste of it. The primitive traits found in the quadrupedal aphanosaur Teleocrater shows that the earliest avemetatarsalians had many psuedosuchian-like features, and that the traits typical for the group evolved later.In the same year, Gauthier also coined and defined a slightly more restrictive node-based clade, Ornithodira, containing the last common ancestor of the dinosaurs and the pterosaurs and all of its descendants.

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