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On a chilly but sunny winter's day, it seemed a pity not to use my freedom to take a walk, which took me up to The Wilford Bridge pub and along the River Deben and views across the railway line to Melton Old Church, sadly bereft of bells bar a single 5cwt one cast by Miles Graye of Colchester in 1618. Top The day after Boxing Day - like the other weekdays between the Bank Holidays at this time of year - have an odd feeling about them. Many who had the 25th and 26th off will have returned to work, but even then for a good proportion of those it will be a quieter time than usual and for others as fortunate as me to have this week off there is still opportunity to enjoy the aura of the season.On the subject of bells (and I suppose some reference should be made to them in a ringing blog), the only regret was that I didn't have the forethought to arrange some ringing, but others were making up for it across Suffolk, especially at Horringer where Jimmy Yeoman was ringing his first quarter-peal on eight and Joshua Watkins his first of Major in the 1264 of Plain Bob. There was also a QP in the same method rung at Kersey, whilst the first peal at Thurston since their augmentation to six in 2012 was successfully scored. There were elements of both the mundane and the seasonal today.Reflection as of course we usually take this moment to look back on the previous 365 days and 2017 is no different.Personally it has been the most expensive year of our lives so far and God willing ever.Not on the end of a rope this time, although there are many of those for him to look back at over 2017.Rather, his incredible feat of running his twelfth marathon this year is worthy of plaudits, especially from someone like me who only runs when he's late for work! All of which puts my day firmly in the shade, but there was activity beyond the housework that I was able to complete on another day mainly in my own company.

As the name suggests, it is about the River Deben, presented by journalist John Mc Carthy and whilst it doesn't feature ringing or ringers, it does feature some of the towers along the river with bells such as Debenham, Cretingham and of course Woodbridge, as well as an interview with Roger Townsend, husband of local ringer Elaine 'Mrs Roger' Townsend. Other ringers were actually ringing in Suffolk today, with a peal of Double Norwich Court Bob Major rung on the front eight at St Mary-le-Tower, whilst Richard Stevens was ringing his first quarter-peal of Norwich Surprise Minor in the 1272 rung before the usual weekly Pettistree practice during his school holidays.

Well done Richard on a day both ordinary and different for him as well. Top For all that yesterday was a collective experience of celebration with most people off work, the streets quiet and folk spending time with loved ones (and probably not so loved ones in some cases!

), today saw many desperate to get back to everyday mundanity for reasons that I still can't entirely fathom but respect.

Although I don't know either, I am sure they are deserving of these honours.

Certainly far more deserving than I am of such titles, especially on the basis of today where with Ruthie at work I was in sole control of the three boys and therefore practically nothing got done. Top Many congratulations to ringer Alan Regin on being awarded an MBE in the New Year's Honours List for "services to camponology and its heritage".

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