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According to the Mo J figures, the number of speeding fines in England and Wales issued by magistrates initially fell from 114,279 in 2010 to 110,191 the following year.Since then, however, the number has gradually risen and in 2013, 115,549 offenders were fined for speeding by magistrates.In some areas, the recent increase has been even more stark.In Essex, the number of speeding fines handed out by the courts rose by 44 per cent in 2013 to 3,091, while in Avon and Somerset the number rose by 34 per cent to 3,925.The cameras are now working 24 hours a day.” The impact of the new digital cameras is likely to be significant.More than half of forces in England and Wales have replaced ageing film versions with new digital models.In six other police areas, the number of speeding fines handed out by magistrates rose by around a quarter.Motoring organisations said the rises were being fuelled by sophisticated digital speed cameras, which unlike ageing film versions can take pictures around the clock.

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