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Through the Equality Foundation of Georgia, we conduct voter registration and educational activities, provide information to decision makers, and work to organize and mobilize LGBT residents and allies to advance equality in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the state.

We’re excited about the possibility of seeing real progress on passing hate crime legislation in Georgia this year, but we need your help now!

Recognized as an emerging leader and passionate advocate for civil rights, Eric has spoken at leading law schools, and national advocacy conferences on HIV criminal reform, the impact of the school-to-prison pipeline on black queer youth, and the intersectionality of race, poverty, HIV, and LGBTQ issues.

Georgia starts playing with Nickey’s pussy as they talk dirty to each other. Pondering for a moment, she figures she could squeeze in a hot yoga session before her client gets there.

With more than 27,000 students and 142 degree programs, we’re the largest comprehensive university south of Atlanta.

Our hands-on, practical approach to learning, and faculty dedicated to teaching, ensure you are prepared for your career and life after graduation.

Georgia, who’s still bewildered at the fact that her teacher is naked, doesn’t have a chance to respond. She starts massaging her shoulders, moving her hands down to her tits.

Georgia wonders if this is part of the curriculum, but April reminds her of the stressful morning she’s had and that she deserves to loosen up a little.

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