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Wow, my mind was blown, and all of a sudden, I started getting a little nervous that I was actually going to do something about my shemale fascination.We go back and forth on the sites messaging system for a bit before trusting each other enough to exchange emails, and then eventually phone numbers.So I would look at the pretty shemales from time to time, jack off, and wonder what it would be like to be with one for real.Well, this went on for a couple of years, just looking at the online stuff and continuing to date real, genetic women.

It was me and a couple friends of mine that found out this private membership community.

But eventually, we do exchange pleasantries, and I end up just writing her specifically, and having a message delivered to her profile.

To my luck, she writes me back and says that she likes my profile and is definitely interested.

But for a number of reasons, we just never actually set a date for getting together.

I was very nervous as this would be my first time with a shemale, but after several weeks, and a good phone conversation with her, I was at ease enough, and we made a date to get together that night.

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