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"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." of mainstream science and especially the evolutionary community.

Unlike in other fields of science, and due to the less-rigorous nature and weaknesses of its tenets, this community routinely blocks from publication any evidence that challenges its core paradigms resulting in public perceptions that are not accurate. Learn how this data (held back since 2006) demonstrates beyond any doubt that there has been no change in human cognitive ability for at least 400,000 years, challenging the veracity of the evolutionary paradigm in a way never anticipated and leaving the only strategic response from the faith-based Darwin community that of low, though standard evolutionary community, behaviors such as name-calling (see expos below) or simply ignoring or censoring the evidence.

Steeves' website, which is in process, will feature a comprehensive database of nearly 500 archaeological sites in the Americas dating as far back as several hundred thousand years. Fiedler is the discoverer of the early Stone Age (Acheulian) figurine known as the "Venus of Tan-Tan" which is regarded as one of the earliest examples of sculpture in archaeology. Fiedler is not averse to questioning the tenets of mainstream archaeology and has even gone so far as to question the emphasis and importance typically placed upon symbolism as a sign of advanced human behavior.

The database will incorporate not only well-known sites excavated from a European mindset but sites known foremost to indigenous eoples. Macnab has taught design theory in the Digital Arts Program at the University of New Mexico since 1997 and for the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and is also past president of the Communication Artists of New Mexico.

On this page ( challenging a paradigm and presented in a mainstream forum was held back from publication by the European, Australian, and U. (John Feliks) If you are absolutely convinced that people first arrived in the Americas a mere 15-30 thousand years ago, this is because you have been spoon-fed by an institution that will not allow you to see conflicting data.

When scientific institutions withhold empirical data in order to promote a single belief system they can manipulate a trusting public into believing whatever paradigm they wish to impose upon them.

It is likely that many of these scholars will come out publicly when the paradigm changes and the evidence begins to be weighed in an equitable manner"There has to be stated a continuous line showing how ethnocentristic our scientific view is focussed and thereby rejecting our ancestors like the Neandertals as being only another aberration and not at all a part of our ancestral line." -Jrn Greve, PD, MD, neurologist, author "Pre-Symbolic Interaction and the Palaeo-Ecology of Religion."Department of Pediatrics, Neurology (retired), Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen.

Head of Child Neurology and Social Pediatrics, 1978-2001.

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Clark Fellowship program, 2008-2013, with technical training in molecular anthropology and archaeology. She was born in the Yukon Territories, Canada, and grew up among the very traditional Salish people of British Columbia.

See Blog la table d’Hermes for a review with excerpts in French.

The book—in a way similar to Tom Baldwin’s, Lynch is a retired British businessman, archivist and member of the Prehistoric Society of Britain.

On this website you can learn through images of actual artifacts how the archaeological evidence for early art, myth and religion is both immense and vast.

If you are prepared to think in 3D and enter into the spiritual and philosophical minds of early people, then it is time to look beyond the mundane interpretations of artifacts so long promoted by mainstream science and realize with confidence what you probably already intuitively knew - that never made it to the New World may tell you to steer clear of "fringe" ideas.

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