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I’m definitely more of a relationship type of person.” So, what do you do when you’re looking to expand your social circle?Events like speed dating and singles-only mixers have faded in popularity and don’t happen so often anymore (though they do still happen sometimes at Vanity and Waterplace restaurants).We don’t really have one dedicated part of town where singles past a certain age congregate, and we don’t have a huge network of singles-based events. Those inclined to criticize the dating scene in Providence would probably be just as inclined to criticize the dating scene anywhere.The truth is that there are fantastic singles in this city.The mother of two girls, ages 11 and 13, is originally from Birmingham, England.Involvement with her adopted home is one of her top priorities.They just aren’t sitting around waiting to be asked out.

For people who are just looking to have fun and meet people – and, hey, if that goes somewhere, then great – there’s The Providence Collective.“Improving public schools and getting more people engaged in politics and civic life, are passions of mine,” she says. It’s your attitude and the energy you put out there.Later this month, she’s captaining a team of friends in the annual One Financial Plaza climb for the American Lung Association. I genuinely enjoy people, and I love to go out to eat, drink and cut up a dance floor.” (She has also broken into an Air Force Base and been stung by venomous spines from a coral reef on a Tahiti beach, but she’ll tell you those stories another time.) Karina definitely doesn’t have trouble finding new places and faces – but, she says, “I really have no idea what the ‘singles scene’ is. Life is what you make of it.” But, then, is there such a thing as having too many good things in your life?Someone once told me, do what you love; focus on your passions; surround yourself with people who help you grow; and your best match will appear naturally there.” The hope that your passions draw you to the right person, rather than just finding someone on the town and making a connection, is a common one. The 36-year-old environmental consultant spends a lot of time traveling for work, and when he’s home, he doesn’t want to be out on the prowl – and love isn’t likely to be waiting on the next bar stool.“I work very hard at being the best person I can be,” Jason says. I live a very clean lifestyle and try to be as active as possible.

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