Dating funny movie

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""My boyfriend was going to a children's museum with his younger brother and asked me to tag along.

I didn't feel like it, but I could tell that he really wanted me to go, so I agreed.

Being with your crush or boyfriend can already be a nerve-wracking experience, but add a humiliating moment to the mix and you've got yourself a Traumarama!

Check out these readers' embarrassing dating stories!

But once I started checking out the exhibits, it actually turned out to be pretty fun.

There was one about the pyramids, and it had a giant maze attached.

I wanted to play a joke on my boyfriend, so I ran ahead of him and hid.

I waited behind a wall so I could jump out and scare him when he walked by.

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After a few minutes, he started making weird grunts.

""My boyfriend and I went out with another couple on a double date.

On the way to my house, the two of us were making out in the backseat. "At a school dance, I was making out with a guy in a closet.

After that, the guy never asked to go anywhere with me again. ""Last year, when I had just started my first period, the boy I liked asked me out.

I suggested that he and a friend come over to my house to watch movies.

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