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And see this tutorial online (especially section on "Template-based GENLEX"). See also the paper Steedman for a brief introduction, and Steedman and Baldridge for more details. g^xi and g^xr are the Diffie-Hellman ([DH]) public values of the initiator and responder respectively. KE is the key exchange payload which contains the public information exchanged in a Diffie-Hellman exchange. The ID payload format for the Internet DOI is defined in [Pip97]. prf(key, msg) is the keyed pseudo-random function-- often a keyed hash function-- used to generate a deterministic output that appears pseudo-random. SKEYID is a string derived from secret material known only to the active players in the exchange.prf's are used both for key derivations and for authentication (i.e. SKEYID_e is the keying material used by the ISAKMP SA to protect the confidentiality of its messages.When used in client mode, the identities of the end parties remain hidden.This does not implement the entire Oakley protocol, but only a subset necessary to satisfy its goals.Encryption keys are generated from SKEYID_e in a manner that is defined for each algorithm.When used in the memo Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) refers to the notion that compromise of a single key will permit access to only data protected by a single key.

13 5.4 Authentication with a Pre-Shared Key..........................

_b indicates the body of payload -- the ISAKMP generic vpayload is not included.

SAi_b is the entire body of the SA payload (minus the ISAKMP generic header)-- i.e.

Message encryption (when noted by a '*' after the ISAKMP header) MUST begin immediately after the ISAKMP header.

When communication is protected, all payloads following the ISAKMP header MUST be encrypted.

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