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Me too to be honest, but in the end the sort of efficiency that the polar bears demand is just not possible with dumb mechanics alone any more.Honda came up with a carb concept that they said could beat electronic ignition, but then the latest set of regs came out and they ended up dropping it... Please bare in mind advice offered by some may not be correct. There will always be one to bring you the correct answer, quickly.I'm here to meet up with Coulples , singles or groups for nights out or in...We are a very happily married couple who enjoy sex.Would it be too much to ask for a thanks but no thanks msg if your not interested, If I can go to the effort to msg people,then surely its not too much to ask,rant over and thankyou LOOKING FOR A MASTER OR MISTRESS TO SERVE AS YOUR ORAL SLAVEI, i will lick to an Orgasm as many times as you require my position is to be totally sub to you and to perform whatever oral duties you demand of [removed] ladies and gentlemen if you are interested please contact me as i am eager to serve you , i have lots of time of during the day and i can travel.

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This is a perfect lesson in why fault codes can lead you on an expensive wild goose chase.

Pay attention to user ratings and status for a better idea on their knowledge.

Hi all, sorry that my first post is a problem but I was advised by a member on another forum that forum could hopefully help!

Like I say, the actual electronics are very reliable indeed...there are 50 year old transistors still going strong now.

But the problems come with contacts, soldering, mechanical interfaces etc and with a modern car there can be thousands of wires and hundreds of connectors and those are still 100 year old technology with no sign of any usable replacement as yet. Yep all true, and although getting something to run with carbs might be fairly easy, getting it to run well can be another story.

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