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The narrative device is hardly original but it serves as a potent underpinning to the awesome spectacle that plays out here, culminating in a final hour of action-packed intensity that has the thrills of an endless roller coaster, filled with all the genre conventions, like hanging from the end of a cliff, falling in a canyon into a cascading river, or an all-out CGI battle, a la pulsates, almost breathing a life of its own in it’s conversion from movie to immersive experience.

A dominant percentage of the film’s locations are quite apparently CGI too, inducing one to wonder if they should called this an “animated film with live-action” or a “live-action film with some animated aspects and sequences.” Such is this seamless immersion of what is real and what is not to create an illuminative world of arresting images, swirling, incandescent colors and an awe-inspiring beauty that elevates one’s consciousness to a to a state of spirituality rarely aspired to, much less achieved in any film.

Under namnet Kari blir han anstlld av en frmgen nka.

At the time Keats and Fanny begin their relationship, the poet had just completed his masterful which opens with the famous lines (“A thing of beauty is a joy forever:/Its loveliness increases; It will never/Pass into nothingness; but still will keep/A bower quiet for us, and a sleep/Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.) Predictably the poem is rejected in literary circles back in London, but Fanny’s a huge fan, and she’s tried to impress Keats by immersing herself in the works of his heroes: Shakespeare, Chaucer and Milton.Efter ett tag p grden s frlskar sig grdskvinnan i Kari, men hans hemlighet blir avsljad och de rymmer... Har inte sett den gamla versionen men frgen r snyggt tergiven.En vacker historia som r tajt berttad med hjlp av flashbacks.But Keats’s poverty row status earns him no respect from Mrs.Brawne, who cares only about her daughter’s financial well-being and not about love and happiness.

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