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Officer Julien Pappas fired five rounds at Morrill, striking him once.

Morrill was immediately apprehended by the cops and taken to the hospital.

It was about this time that I was slowly reclaiming my interest for 70’s stereo amps/receivers.

My attraction actually started the years these models were released – but with a mere student’s allowance then, all I could do was dream.

As the officers open the door to exit Morrill's home, they were met by the suspect who is heard saying 'Die b****! Morrill survived his injuries and was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery.

It was later discovered the suspect wielded a BB gun.

Little did I know that getting my feet wet would lead to a deep dive as my fascination and consequent collection would develop to proportions I never could have imagined.

I started dwelling into the realm of hi end audio just about the mid 80’s.

Charges including two counts of assault on a protected person with a deadly weapon, battery by prisoner, tamper with vehicle damage over ,000, domestic battery and coercion with force or threat of force.

This has been the 19th officer-involved shooting in 2017, compared to last year at this time where there were six cases.

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