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The British government introduced ASBOs through the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

In the UK, a CRASBO was a "criminally related" ASBO.

In July 2010, new Home Secretary Theresa May announced her intention to reform anti-social behaviour measures for England and Wales with the abolition of ASBOs in due course in favour of alternative "community-based" social control policies.

However, in 2012, Liberal Democrat objections prevented the implementation of proposals in a Home Office White Paper to replace the ASBO with a "criminal behaviour order" and a "crime prevention injuction".

One local authority published photos of those given ASBOs on an Internet site.

Applications for ASBOs were heard by magistrates sitting in their civil capacity.

If the court refused to grant such an application, then the defendant would (quite obviously) be unable to cross examine the makers of the hearsay statements.

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The orders were introduced by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998 The orders restricted behaviour in some way, such as prohibiting a return to a certain area or shop, or restricting public behaviour such as swearing or drinking alcohol.

Although the proceedings were civil, the court had to apply a heightened civil standard of proof.

This standard was virtually indistinguishable from the criminal standard.

Later legislation strengthened its application: in England and Wales this was largely via the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003, in Northern Ireland through an Order in Council and in Scotland with the Antisocial and Sexual Behaviour etc. Scotland, however, had a pre-existing tribunal system charged with dealing with children and young persons who offend, the Children's Hearings System.

In a press release of 28 October 2004, Tony Blair and David Blunkett announced further measures to extend the use and definition of ASBOs.

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